Code of Conduct

Virginia Association of the Deaf and its Chapters Code of Conduct- Effective 11/2021

The Virginia Association of the Deaf (VAD) and its Chapters serve deaf and hard of hearing people in Virginia. VAD advocates for equal access to all services. A person may participate in activities of VAD and its Chapters as long as he or she observes VAD’s Bylaws and Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct defines the activities that are not allowed. This Code applies to visitors, members, officers, and board members. Anyone who willingly violates this Code of Conduct is subject to discipline. This includes removal of an officer of VAD or of any of its Chapters from his or her position. The activities listed below will not be tolerated at any event, meeting, or activity.

  • Oppression of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), including racism and hate speeches.
  • Prejudice against anyone, including bigotry, inappropriate attitude, and racist behavior.
  • Abusive language, discourtesy, or rudeness toward any individual present at the meeting.
  • Outbursts, aggression and other displays of temper.
  • Verbal, physical, or visual harassment of another member, any officer, or visitors.
  • Violence, whether actual or threatened.
  • Conduct endangering the life, safety, health, or well-being of others and property.
  • Bullying and any other mistreatment meant to hurt.
  • Failure to cooperate with VAD members and its Chapter Officers and Board Members.
  • Failure to follow VAD’s and its Chapters’ Bylaws and Code of Conduct. Possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs.
  • Showing up at meetings while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Technology and electronic communication such as text message, messaging apps, email or social media, shall not be used in any way that conflicts with the code of conduct.

I have read and understand the Code of Conduct of the Virginia Association of the Deaf and its Chapters as written above. I agree to abide by the rules. I understand that if I violate any of the above rules, I will be subject to consequences, which may include loss of voting privileges, eligibility to run as an officer, removal as an officer, or removal as a member.

Respect goes both ways.