Hillbilly Dinner Cruise

LaDonna Larsen
Now where are the buses?

Montana Houchins and Kathy Neighbors pose for the camera.

Hey, I saw you trying to take a picture of us!


Folks waiting to board the buses.

Debbie Harris wonders where the buses are.

Donna Graff is a high-tech hillbilly!

Race and Jean Drake sure make a lovely couple!

Finally, it's time to board the buses.

Bob and Brenda Carper

Ron Lanier tries to get his fancy high-tech gadgets to work!

Ah, a lovely hillbilly lady awaits for you!

Alice and Wayne Frick, another lovely couple.

Wanna fresh pozzums for dinner tonight?

Ah, the adventure is about to begin.

After one hour of winding roads, you'll be dizzy, too!

It sure feels good to be on solid ground again.

Helen & Allen Justice.

Gary Bowens, a tall hillbilly boy.

Hmmm, this is a genuine hillbilly lady.

A smilin' lady with a missin' tooth.

Now, where is that boat?

I was born and raised in the mountains....

On to the boat!

A school of carps waiting for someone to drop food.

The Hillbillies have taken over the building.

Carps as seen from above.  Anyone wants one for dinner?

The Hillbillies waiting to board the boat.

Everyone, grab a seat!

Tom Dowling

The dam at the Smith Mountain Lake.

The lift gates of the dam.  You don't want to be near the gate when it goes up.

The sunset at Smith Mountain Lake.

Ah, this must be how it is like to be on the bow of the Titanic.

Gary Viall & Liz Sale enjoys the moment on the bow.

Some islands on the lake.

It was a nice day for boating.

The wake.

Ah, isn't it romantic?

Tim Lavelle thinks he is on the Titanic.

Another island.  Perhaps a nice place to camp for the night?

Steve Holst

Steve & Dot Brenner.  They may be Marylanders but they're Virginians in heart.  There may be some hope for them!

LaDonna Larsen explaining how to swim in case the boat sinks.

Enjoying the night breeze on the bow.

The bow was a popular spot.

Guys showing off their corncob pipes to ladies.

It was dark when we got back.

The boat made it back!  Gimme a high five!

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