NVAD Lecture Night

Frances M. Parsons
Guest Speaker

Frances M. Parsons, affectionately known as "Peggy," is a retired Associate Professor of History of Art at the Gallaudet University.  She is also an international traveler and an author of three books.  She talked about the impact of two Frenchmen, L'Epee and Sicard, who used sign language as the primary means of communication in the earliest efforts to educate deaf children.

Frances Parsons talks about some of her international travels.  She had just returned from a cruise to Antarctica.

Peggy uses a slideshow to explain how sign language spread from Paris to different parts of the world.

Tim Lavelle asks a question.

Tom Dowling also asks a question.  Inquiring minds wanted to know.

Peggy enjoys a break during the question-and-answer session.

Peggy is the author of three books:
Sound of the Stars; I Didn't Hear the Dragon Roar; and Deaf Women's Lives.

The three books Peggy authored.

Even after the question-and-answer session, several NVAD members asked more questions.

Gary Viall and Peggy were classmates at Gallaudet.

Still more questions.

NVAD President Jeanne Lavelle, Peggy, and old classmate Gary pose for the picture.

Peggy and her hearing dog, a miniature pinscher.

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